Selling at Auction

Whether you are the Executor of an Estate or the Owner of real estate or personal property, deciding to sell at auction is, by far, the best decision that you could make!

Cargile Auctions shares the same common goals as you. You want to make sure that you get the highest possible fair market value, with no hassle, and in the quickest possible time frame! We will help you accomplish each of these goals.

Here is why a Cargile Auction is right for you!

Establish the Sales Process. Cargile Auctions will work with you to schedule the date and time of sale, and the terms and conditions. This will allow us to help the buying public be informed and prepared to bid.

Massive Marketing Campaign. Cargile Auctions will design and implement an effective mass-marketing campaign consisting of printed advertising, direct mail, internet marketing, local distribution of flyers, networking with local real estate professionals, business people and residents about your property, providing maximum visibility in order to secure the most qualified bidders on the day of the scheduled sale.

Eliminates the “hassles”. Sometimes the conventional way of selling real estate is the best solution, but sometimes, it is not. For example, if you are living in the house and choose to sell it by virtue of “listing” it with a real estate professional, then you may experience a number of inconveniences. Such as, always being “on-call” for the home to be shown; not to mention the possible extended period of time for which you are financially obligated to make the mortgage payments, take care of maintenance & upkeep, and pay the taxes and insurance.

Cash in hand in 30 days. This may be the best part of all! Generally, you can expect to close and have your money in your hands within 30 days from the day of the auction. No waiting for months for the “right” buyer! Our buyers are required to have their financing pre-arranged, so that you can expect a “no contingency” sale!

How to Get Started

Call Cargile Auctions at 501-278-1960 (Robert) or 501-278-7653 (Rodger). Or, contact us via email at or It is our pleasure to work with you and help determine your auction needs.

We will establish a time to preview your property, discuss our marketing campaign, and establish the terms and conditions of the auction.

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Rodger Cargile

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